Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.

Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.
The "Hard Time" blogspot is a volunteer-run site for the political organization of people with Hepatitis C behind and beyond prison walls, their loved ones, and whomever cares to join us. We are neither legal nor medical professionals. Some of us may organize for support, but this site is primarily dedicated to education and activism; we are fighting for prevention, detection, treatment, and a cure for Hepatitis C, particularly down in the trenches where most people are dying - in prison or on the street... Join us.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Research and Treatment News: Hepatitis-Central 7/28/10

We get a ton of information every day on surviving Hep C that we just don't get around to posting - it takes a great deal of time to wade through. One of our list-serve sources is "Research and Treatment News" from Hepatitis Central. This recent issue is particularly useful, so I'm posting it in it's entirety. Follow the invitation link and subscribe yourselves - I promise that it won't overwhelm your in-box as it only comes about twice a month. If you or a loved one is living with Hep C, it's a great practical resource, as is the website that sends it. Their focus is on holistic healing methods, which are a good supplement to traditional interferon treatment, and may help those for whom such treatment is not available or is undesirable.


Dear Hard Time,
This Research & Treatment News update gives you highlights from the latest articles posted to for patients and their families, caregivers and health professionals. With new information being published regularly, we want you to have the latest news on treatments, clinical trials, social issues and important breakthroughs.

Although they have very similar sounding names, learn why qualitative Hepatitis C tests and quantitative Hepatitis C tests have some important differences. Read more.

The number of reasons whey protein can help someone with chronic, viral hepatitis may surprise you. Read more.

Find out about a molecular biology discovery that has led to a new understanding about the general health decline that can follow a liver transplant. Read more.

Your Opinion Wanted:
Three sought after approaches for helping the liver fend off damage from Hepatitis C are consistently reported to improve HCV treatment success, relieve symptoms and stall the progression of liver damage. Which strategy do you use to defend against HCV?
Milk Thistle Supplementation
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Supplementation
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
All of the Above
None of the Above

We asked, you responded:
Eating a big meal past 9pm puts an additional strain on the liver. Thus, experts advise those with Hepatitis C eating the last meal of the day long before the nine o’clock hour. What time do you usually eat dinner?
12%: Between 4pm and 5pm
51%: Between 5pm and 7pm
27%: Between 7pm and 9pm
10%: After 9pm

To learn even more about Hepatitis C and what you can do about it, visit You'll find more than 2,750 pages of in-depth information for HCV patients and their families, caregivers and health professionals. If you would like to review an article you saw in one of these recent Research & Treatment News updates, or would like to search through any of the archived, in-depth news and commentary pages, you ought to browse Hepatitis C Information Central at
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