Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.

Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.
The "Hard Time" blogspot is a volunteer-run site for the political organization of people with Hepatitis C behind and beyond prison walls, their loved ones, and whomever cares to join us. We are neither legal nor medical professionals. Some of us may organize for support, but this site is primarily dedicated to education and activism; we are fighting for prevention, detection, treatment, and a cure for Hepatitis C, particularly down in the trenches where most people are dying - in prison or on the street... Join us.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

From Conspire to Perryville, with love.

Note that this cop doesn't hassle me - he just looks curious. (Central)

Terry Goddard and Jan Brew
er came to KAET Channel 8 ( down the street from me) last night for their gubernatorial debate, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do a little health education for the curious public that I expected to assemble in the vicinity. Broke out my chalk and inaugurated a new sign for the event.

Drove around today, by the way, and my chalkings were still out there!

(First St./KAET)

Also going on yesterday was a bit of what sounded like a protest at the Perryville women's prison in Goodyear. I got word from several families that the medium security yard, Santa Cruz, had been locked down tight, apparently because of the recent Kingman escapes. This meant that the women were trapped in stifling hot cells for 22 hours a day - at one point a whole yard refused to go back inside after their rec time was up because the conditions were just too intolerable.

There's never been A/C in the women's living areas, and the swamp coolers they use hardly ever work.
Families were already worried about those more susceptible to the heat due to medical conditions or medications they were on, and were in touch with me, the media, legislators, and the ADC central office to complain about it. I decided it would also be appropriate to express our support and solidarity to the women inside, too, somehow, since they always face retaliation and seldom get noticed by the rest of us when they resist. So, I made a sign for them last night, too, and took it around to a few places - along with my Hep C sign - so I could make more postcards.

This is real easy to do, folks...

On display outside of KAET while I was chalking. Check out the juxtaposition with the "emergency" sign.

here it is in front of Terry Goddard's office.

I knew the ADC central Offi
ce would want to show the women their support, so I included them in my evening shoot. The light was awesome.

While I was there, I also pulled my Hep C sign out - looks pretty sharp, eh?
Great postcard that'll make.

Didn't want to leave the Governor's office out, either.

And finally, the women of Conspire,
in solidarity with our sisters in Perryville Prison.

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