Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.

Surviving Hepatitis C in AZ Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Detention Centers.
The "Hard Time" blogspot is a volunteer-run site for the political organization of people with Hepatitis C behind and beyond prison walls, their loved ones, and whomever cares to join us. We are neither legal nor medical professionals. Some of us may organize for support, but this site is primarily dedicated to education and activism; we are fighting for prevention, detection, treatment, and a cure for Hepatitis C, particularly down in the trenches where most people are dying - in prison or on the street... Join us.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Help Stop Prison Violence at the AZ DOC.

Just received this press release this AM. Please come support if you can. The mom, Julie, is a friend of mine, and Davon was our poster boy for the "Hard Time Hep C in AZ State Prisons" Campaign.. She planned this event herself and will stand alone if need be - and really needs support now. This is all bigger than just her family, though - the assaults at the ADC have tripled under Chuck Ryan, and prisoner murders have doubled, as have the suicides....
one of Davon's letters home...
------from the Desk of Julie Acklin-----

Date: MONDAY April 9
Time: 9:00 am
Location: AZ Dept. Of Corrections
1601 W. Jefferson St PHX
(park at Wes Bolin across from Capitol)
Media contact info:

Demonstration of community outrage because of assault of prison advocate Julie Acklin's son recently at ASPC Lewis. Her son is chronically ill and mentally ill. Her son was victimized by a beating that resulted in 17 stitches to the face by another inmate and transported to local hospital. No intervention in the beating took place. Her son was in protective custody where most inmates and families think is a safe place. Most inmates are denied protective custody and shipped to general population to be beaten bullied or worse disfigured or end up on a ventilator. Prison official says he clearly was the instigator even though he was the only one who sustained injuries. He will possibly be ticketed and punished as a victim in this case, leading to isolation and or deterioration under Dept. Of Corrections rules. Gathering will send a message that the punishment and treatment and abuses of our mentally ill still are happening, and we want action taken and a community oversight committee for the prisons formed. Community says."This is gross outrage."

Julie Acklin, Dir. Of The National Association Of HCV Task Force, prison reform, Rep Az.
Co-Founder Dream OF Life Coalition

Office 623-594-4433

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